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  CANCER & LEUKAEMIA          


An introduction to holistic therapies practised by the Bristol Cancer Help Centre which opened in 1983. Written by Penny Brohn who co-founded the Centre.  "The Bristol Programme is not primarily about cures: it is about regaining health and finding the right path to wholesome and serene living" This book is the 'bible' of alternative cancer therapies   

ISBN: 0-7126-1513-x  Pbk

Jan de Vries wrote this book in 1987 and has worked with many of the world's leading cancer specialists in the alternative approach to cancer. The book explains what people can do to help themselves with a number of exercises and visualisation techniques. Jan de Vries seems very enlightened in his approach.

ISBN:1-95158-136-7  Pbk

Chris and Sue Williams wrote Cancer - A Guide for Patients and Their Families in 1986. The book's stated aim is to present in clear, simple language what cancer is, how it is investigated, how a diagnosis is made and what treatments are available.  I'd definitely recommend it.

ISBN:0-471-91017-1  Pbk





Raymond Hitchcock is a painter, sculptor, cartoonist and novelist who writes in this book about his personal fight with kidney cancer. The book is hopeful, funny and brave. It is described as  "This is a story of  fear overcome, of new faith and trust in people - not just the cure of an illness, but the healing of a whole life"

ISBN: 0-947785-28-0  Pbk


Elisabeth Kubler Ross wrote this classic book many years ago and this book is a 1992 reprint. There are no punches pulled and the book is honest and compassionate. It tries to answer many questions that can't be easily asked and helps the dying and their relatives to experience death as both dignified and meaningful.

ISBN: 0-285-64957-4  Pbk

Your Body Speaks Your Mind was written in 1996 and this is the hardback edition. It is full of  helpful exercises to do and reveals the intimate relationship between mind and body. Debbie Shapiro, the author, " explains the way in which your body reflects your thoughts and feelings and how you can use this understanding for self-healing"

ISBN: 07499-1684-2  Hbk

Pbk: Paperback edition /  Hbk: Hardback edition

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